Exam B

I am an Advanced Open Water Diver. I begin to act foolishly at a depth of 30 metres/100 feet. What might I be experiencing?

I fill a balloon with air and tie it off while I am kneeling on the bottom of the swimming pool. What will happen to the balloon and the air inside of it if I take it to the surface?

I turn a glass upside down, trap the air in it by putting it in water, and then take the glass down to 20 metres/66 feet. What happens to the air space in the glass?

What will happen to the air in the glass I took down to 20 metres/66 feet in the above question?

I should not dive if I have a cold or allergies, because I may

If my ears or sinuses hurt while I am ascending (going up), it usually means

When scuba diving it is important to breathe normally and never hold my breath, even when ascending as little as a metre/few feet, because

If my cylinder lasts 60 minutes while I am at the surface breathing normally, assuming everything else is the same, how long will my cylinder last at 30 metres/99 feet breathing normally?

How often are scuba cylinders required to be hydrostatically (pressure) tested?

In the yoke system

How would I rinse my regulator’s first and second stages after use?

Depending on the situation, objects viewed underwater usually seem to be:

Sound travels well in water but it is difficult to tell:

Since water absorbs (takes in) lots of heat:

While on a dive I notice my buddy is breathing heavily and appears very tired. What should I signal to my buddy to do?

How can a neoprene wet suit affect my buoyancy?

I know I am properly weighted for diving if, with a nearly empty cylinder, I:

If I were separated from my buddy underwater, I should

Using a compass to navigate, staying close to my buddy and using a decent line will help me decrease problems associated with

The type and amount of silt (suspended particles) in the water may affect the

If I was boat diving and caught in a strong current at the surface, what should I do?

Most injuries caused by aquatic animals happen because the animals

A diver on the surface is making quick and jerky movements. The diver’s mask is off and the regulator mouth-piece is out of the mouth. This probably means the diver

In an out-of-air situation, where I am close to my buddy, the best thing to do would probably be to

If I choke while underwater, I should

Buoyant emergency ascent – dropping my weight system

Controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA) – swimming up to the surface making a continuous sound (like ah-h-h-h)

Normal ascent – going up normally

Alternate air source ascent – using my buddy’s alternate air source

A diver is floating and does not respond to touch or my voice. Checking to see if the diver is breathing would be my _______________ concern.

When giving first aid to a diver out of the water who does not respond to touch or my voice, I should

Why should I always have a professional dive operation fill my scuba cylinder?

Signs of gas narcosis most commonly happen at __________

To lessen the risk of decompression sickness (DCS)

At a dive site, before getting into the water with my computer, I should

When planning a dive with a computer, I use the “plan” or “no stop scroll” mode to determine

When is it acceptable for two divers to share a dive computer on a dive?

It’s important that I do not turn off a dive computer between dives, because

If I accidentally exceed my computer’s no stop limits, I should

If I’m diving in cold water or under strenuous conditions,

If my computer fails during a dive, I should use my backup computer to continue the dive. If I’m not wearing a backup, I should

I make two dives in one day and am flying home on a commercial plane. I should wait until my computer says I can fly, or ________hours, whichever is longer.

As a new PADI Open Water Diver, the recommended maximum depth is _____________, or the actual depth I reached in training, if shallower. The maximum depth for all recreational scuba divers, even experienced divers, is ______________.

When diving with a computer, I should

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