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Located on the coast of the Cozumel Strait, Playa del Carmen is deservedly considered one of the most attractive diving places in the world. Unlike other places that have luxurious hotels but dirty waters, Playa boasts of clean seas and rich underwater life in addition to beautiful hotels and cultural entertainment. What makes it such a popular dive spot is that you can dive at great depths yet still close to the coast, and multiple diving tours are organized daily, from the frugal to those ready to spend and from the beginner to the advanced diver.

Many rightly compare the coral reefs of the Caribbean to colorful, densely populated underwater forests. With multidimensional and self-sufficient systems, they are inhabited by fish, crabs, shrimp, lobster and cuttlefish, tropical crayfish and turtles. Those interested in underwater photography ought to make diving into these areas a must on their bucket list, and those ready for a challenge will enjoy diving over 100 meters deep to see reef walls covered with sponges and algae, which extend vertically down to tens of meters, creating whole landscapes that are in no way terrestrial.

Seasonality in Playa del Carmen

With a constant soft breeze, average temperatures around 25 degrees Celsius, and tropical warmth, Playa del Carmen has the perfect climate for diving almost all year round. Though the rainy season between September and November is not the most ideal, it’s even possible then. In fact, if you prefer smaller crowds and cheaper prices, this would be the perfect time for you. The main tourist season is between December and March, at which time the city is crowded, noisy, and full of fun. We recommend any diving during this time to be booked in advance as it’s a popular activity.

Playa del Carmen dive sites

From depths of 10 to 40 meters, Playa del Carmen has about 15 sites for recreational diving. Visibility is most often between 20 and 50 in its coastal waters, and the water temperature is often the same as the air temperate. Even in the winter, it stays a comfortable 25 degrees Celsius. All these factors make Playa del Carmen one of the most perfect places to dive year-round.

Dive sites in Playa del Carmen


Located north of Playa del Carmen, Cerebros has the most beautiful coral formations visible even on the sea surface. You’ll swim with lobsters, crabs, king prawns, moray eels, and a variety of reef fish and sail past intricate arches and picturesque landscapes. The maximum allowable depth for the dive here is 15 meters and requires a minimum PADI OWD certification or equivalent.

Dive Site Cerebros

  • Depth: 15m (49ft)
  • Dive time: 45 min to 65 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy

Los Arcos

To the north of Playa del Carmen is Los Arcos, named such after the large number of cavities, caves, and arches it holds. It holds turtles, moray eels, lobsters, and other crustaceans in its cracks and crevices. Because of the strong current, only experience drivers with the minimum required certification level of PADI AOWD or equivalent are permitted to dive.

Dive Site Losarcos

  • Depth: 35 m (115 ft)
  • Dive time: 40 min to 50 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Difficult

Pared Verde

Just 25 minutes away by boat, you’ll be able to make out wall-like structures underwater at 20-30 meters below the surface. As you dive closer, you’ll see that these walls are covered with corals, sponges filled with fish, moray eels, turtles, and rays. The minimum certification level is PADI AOWD or equivalent.

Dive Site Pared Verde

  • Depth: 30 m (100 ft)
  • Dive time: 40 min to 50 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Medium

Moc-che Deep

Moc-che Deep is a coral wall at a depth of 20-30 meters. Only experienced divers have the pleasure of swimming here as the current is extremely strong. The minimum certification level is PADI AOWD or equivalent.

Dive Site Moc Che Deep

  • Depth: 30 m (100 ft)
  • Dive time: 40 min to 50 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Medium


You’ll find the Moc-che in the north of Playa del Carmen the perfect location for novice divers as the depths are quite shallow. The dive takes you to a few coral formations that depict a beautiful arch underwater. The minimum certification level is PADI OWD or equivalent.

Dive Site Moc Che

  • Depth: 13m (42 ft)
  • Dive time: 45min to 65min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy


Located north of the jetty – just 15 minutes by boat – Chun-Zumbul is a 10-meter-deep reef where you can watch Caribbean fish and admire the beautiful coral formations.

Dive Site Chun Zumbul

  • Max depth: 10m (33 ft)
  • Dive time: 45min to 65min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy


Just a 5-minute boat ride from the marina opposite Playa del Carmen, the Jardines is a beautiful reef consisting of a small wall (2 meters) where you can find moray eels, angelfish, and other fish commonly found in the Caribbean. Depending on the season and the distance from the reef, you can also see and snap some pictures of bull sharks.

Dive Site Jardines

  • Max depth: 12m (39 ft)
  • Dive time: 45min to 65min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy


Sabalos, a magnificent reef with alternating walls of coral, sand, and caves, is just 10 minutes away by boat. You’ll swim with green moray eels, moray eels, and leopards 15 meters deep. Rich in color, flora, and fauna of the Caribbean, Sabalos is ideal for leisurely enjoying the aquatic life and for underwater photography.

Dive Site Sabalos

  • Max depth: 15m (49 ft)
  • Dive time: 45min to 65min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy


Located 15 minutes by boat from the marina, this dive site consists of a platform from 18 to 40 m long and is ideal for the first deep dive (30 m) or the second smaller (18 m). As the name implies, this place for diving is a great place to swim with turtles.

Dive Site Tortugas

  • Max depth: 18 to 40m (90 to 120 ft)
  • Dive time: 30min to 50min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Medium / Difficult


South of Playa del Carmen between Tortugas and Mama Viña, Barracuda is a beautiful reef great for day and night dives. This site is very popular among photographers that capture beauty underwater as it’s rich in marine life as well as color.

Dive Site Barracuda

  • Max depth:15 m (49 ft)
  • Dive time:45 min to 65 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Easy

Mama Viña

Mama Viña is an old shrimp fishing boat which was flooded deliberately in 1995 to create an artificial reef. Located south of Playa del Carmen, this area has a strong current where only experienced divers can dive. The minimum certification level is AOWD or equivalent.

Dive Site Mamavina

  • Max depth: 28 m (90 ft)
  • Dive time: 30 min to 40 min
  • Type of dive: Wreck
  • Difficulty: Difficult

Punta Venado

Punta Venado is less well known and off the beaten path. Located south of Playa del Carmen, this protected site is rich in corals, sponges, and fauna typical of the Caribbean such as moray eels, turtles, rays, and seasonally sharks.

Dive Site Punta Venado

  • Max depth: 35 m (115 ft)
  • Dive time: 30 min to 45 min
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Difficulty: Medium


This dive site is the first step between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel. The upper wall is located at a depth of about 40 meters. During this dive you’ll encounter turtles, sharks, and other species typical of the Caribbean.

Dive Site Cantil

  • Depth: 40 m + (120 ft +)
  • Type of dive: Drift
  • Recommended level diver: Experienced diver


One fact that distinguishes Playa del Carmen is that female bull sharks are lured in by the warm water every winter, giving divers the opportunity to swim with them. In the summer, the whale sharks migrate, leaving the waters vacant and peaceful.

You’ll find tons of delicious local restaurants serving authentic dishes to choose from. The experimental eaters will need to try honey Xtabentum liqueur, which you can only get in Playa del Carmen. Be sure to take time for the jazz music festival, Riviera Maya, if you come in the winter.

Diving Sites Nearby:

The white beaches around Puerto Aventuras are so beautiful that even if you are not in Playa del Carmen for scuba diving, they are still worth a visit. Under the waves of clear water lies an artificial reef, which serves as a home for various sea creatures like bright tropical fish, crabs, and, at times, octopuses.

Diving in Puerto Aventuras

Akumal is famous for its sea turtles. You’ll find these wonderful creatures in local waters all year round, but they only lay eggs on beaches from May to September. Here, you’ll find more than just sea turtles, however. Akumel is home to mantas, spotted rays, and fish-needles. If you’re wanting to dig deeper, explore the amazing coral reefs and the creatures they hold with an experienced local guide.

Diving in Akumal

One of the largest reef systems, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is just 5-10 minutes by boat from Puerto Morelos, a small fishing village. You’ll discover diverse marine fauna, from seahorses to barracudas to mantas.

This diving location is not far from Playa del Carmen and requires minimum time on a boat since it’s so close to the shore. While novice divers can stay in smaller reef areas, more advanced divers are free do go deeper and explore one of the wrecks.

Diving in Puerto Morelos

About Playa del Carmen

With its luxurious beaches, developed infrastructure, and cultural activities, Playa del Carmen is second to Cancun as the most famous Mexican resort. However, though Cancun exceeds it in size and fashionableness, Playa del Carmen is superior in other ways.

Just a decade ago, Playa del Carmen was an ordinary small coastal settlement with a small population of barely two thousand. Most of its current residents were attracted by the tourist prospects it had to offer – and they were right. The potential was huge. Now, the city receives over 2 million tourists a year, and about 1/10 of its permanent residents are foreigners who have acquired real estate there. Unlike the end of last century, Playa del Carmen has clean streets, institutions with polite and competent service staff, and even a small church where services are held regularly in English.

What made this small Mexican town so attractive was the cordiality of the inhabitants, rich culture, local color, carefully guarded by the city authorities (for example, in Playa del Carmen it is still forbidden to build buildings above three floors), and, of course, its stunning nature both on land and underwater.

Fifth Avenue, the main street, houses most restaurants and bars, clubs and cafeterias, and many souvenir shops from which even the most biased European will not go empty-handed. Throughout the rest of the town, you’ll find residential housing and less touristy streets. In front of the pier itself there is a small but very interesting area called the Main, or Plaza Mayor, with interesting and unusual statues and a square that holds various shows.

The town is small and quaint, but the beaches are immense and beautiful. With such a small city, they’re all within walking distance of most rentals and restaurants. The beaches are covered with clean, fine white sand, clear warm water, and an amazingly clean sea – and more in the underwater world!

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